The Centrifugal Pump Training Course has been developed to assist in Maintenance and Operation. It covers the various API 610 - Centrifugal Pump Types and covers the Centrifugal Pump Working Principle and Theory. The course also includes a detailed Pump Troubleshooting Guide. The course, designed with extensive Graphics and Animation, gives a virtual Practical exposure on Centrifugal Pumps.

Centrifugal Pump Training - Maintenance and Operation

*The above image is a compilation of a few ‘snapshots’ from the Training Course
on Centrifugal Pumps Training Course, which primarily focuses on Multimedia inputs like Graphics,
Animation and Interactivity!

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  • Basics & Principles of Centrifugal Pump - Working
  • Detailed understanding of API - 610 types of pumps
  • Extensive 2D / 3D Graphics, Models and Animations
  • An Interactive, Graphically supported Troubleshooting Guide
  • Glossary, Games on Component Assembly, Skill tests, Certificate printouts...

The Centrifugal Pump Training Course covers a large range of Pump Types (includes API 610 type - Overhung Pumps, Between Bearing Pumps and Vertical Suspended Pumps). The course provides a detailed Pump Classification based on Construction and the various types like Radial, Mixed and Axial.

Centrifugal Pump Types - API-610
Centrifugal Pump Types - API-610 guided

The primary focus on Centrifugal Pump Animation and Graphic helps in very clearly understanding Centrifugal Pump Maintenance Procedures & Centrifugal Pump Operating Principle / Working Principle like Pump Cavitation, Performance Curves, NPSH, Suction Head, Discharge Head, Priming, etc. The focus on multimedia outputs is sure to give an understanding that aids in Pump Repair and related requirements. All the topics like Pump Performance Characteristics, etc are covered using extensive Animations.

The CBT provides detailed knowledge on Pump Assembly and Dismantling. Both 2D and 3D outputs give a very comprehensive understanding on the subject.

The Centrifugal Pump Training Program has a dedicated module to assist in Pump Troubleshooting, which has graphical / animated explanations to give a very clear understanding. A glossary covers various important terms related to the troubleshooting and Centrifugal Pump Operation aspects that are explained in detail towards enabling trouble free Performance.

The Pump Graphic includes Animated Cut-Sections that give a virtual practical knowledge on the internals, which could otherwise be very difficult to understand by directly observing the equipment. The detailed training with the meticulous focus on Multimedia Outputs give a Deep Insight into How Centrifugal Pumps work...

Centrifugal Pump Working Principle / Theory

The above video is a SIMPLIFIED extract [for video] from the Centrifugal Pump Training course that briefly explains the Working Principle of Centrifugal Pumps.

The CENTRIFUGAL PUMP TRAINING course course provides a
Practical - Comprehensive understanding on the subject!


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Online course access for 60 days. Participant recieves a Certificate of Completion / Merit on Passing the Assessment.
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1. Introduction
2. Pump classification
2.1. Centrifugal pumps
2.2. Mixed flow pumps
2.3. Axial flow pumps
2.4. Type and Construction based on:
2.4.1. Suction design Single Double
2.4.2. No. of stages Single Multistage
2.4.3. Guide vanes Volute Turbine
2.4.4. Casing construction Radially Split Axially Split Double Casing
2.4.5. Impeller shrouds Open Partially Open Closed
2.4.6. Shaft position Horizontal Vertical
3. Centrifugal Pump Basics
3.1. Principle of operation
3.2. Pressure concepts
3.3. Hydraulics - a few basics
3.4. Vapor pressure
3.5. Pump Cavitation
3.6. Pump NPSH - Net positive suction head
3.7. Pump curves / Pump Performance curves / Pump characteristic curves
4. API – 610 Types and features
4.1. Overhung
4.1.1. Flexibly Coupled Horizontal Foot Mounted : OH1 Center line Mounted : OH2 Vertical In-line Bearing Frame : OH3
4.1.2. Rigidly Coupled Vertical In-line : OH4 High Speed Integral Gear : OH5
4.2. Between Bearing
4.2.1. 1st and 2nd Stage Axially Split : BB1 Radially Split : BB2
4.2.2. Multistage Axially Split : BB3 Radially Split Single Casing : BB4 Double Casing : BB5
4.3. Vertical Suspended
4.3.1. Single Casing Discharge through Column Diffuser : VS1 Volute : VS2 Axial Flow : VS3 Separate Discharge (Sump) Line Shaft : VS4 Cantilever : VS5
4.3.2. Double Casing Diffuser : VS6 Volute : VS7
4.4. Wear ring running clearances
4.5. Mechanical seal types / arrangement / plans
4.6. Cooling water piping
4.7. Lube oil system
5. Conventional and Interactive Skill Tests with evaluation
6. Games – Component assembly
6.1. Overhung pump – OH
6.2. Between bearing pump – BB
6.3. Vertical suspended pump – VS
7. Technical Glossary
8. Troubleshooting Guide
This troubleshooting guide, besides being a training package also serves as a day-to-day reference for Operation and Maintenance. Defective pumps will express one or more of the indicated symptoms of failure or deviation of normal operation. This Operation and Maintenance solution package attempts to bring out the root-causes (System/ Operation / Mechanical troubles) by selecting the symptoms that the subject pump is exhibiting
• Failure or deviation symptoms
o Pump does not deliver
o Insufficient capacity delivered
o Insufficient discharge pressure developed
o Pump loses prime after starting
o Pump requires excessive power
o Stuffing box / mechanical seal leak excessively
o Packing / mechanical seal has short life
o Pump vibrates or noisy
o Bearing have short life
o Pump overheats and seizes
• Around 45 specific root-causes have been identified similar to the few listed below:
o Pump not primed
o Suction lift too high
o Insufficient margin between suction pressure and vapor pressure
o Total head required by process lower than pump design
o Specific gravity of liquid different from design
o Operation at very low capacity
o Parallel operation of pumps unsuitable for such operation
o Misalignment
o Bearings worn out
o Wearing rings worn out
o Rotor out of balance causing vibration
o Improper selection, fitting or usage of mechanical seal
o Lack of lubrication
• And this guide stands out exclusively with its enhanced graphical explanation of
   the root-causes, which includes interactivity and extensive animation.
• The learner / user is well guided by a series of questions, which helps him
   to accurately pinpoint the root cause.
• A brief troubleshooting module on mechanical seal is also included.
• The user can avail printouts of the observed failure symptoms and related
   root-cause for record.
• From the glossary the learner / user can avail a good understanding on pump
   related technical terms such as: Affinity laws for pump performance, Air
   entrapment, Air leak, Air pocket, Bearing defects, Bent shaft, Capacity, Cavitation,
   Direction of rotation, Foot valve, Foundation, Gland packing, Hydraulic imbalance,
   Imbalance, Impeller defect, Impeller improper, Internal rubbing, Lubrication,
   Mechanical seal, Misalignment, NPSH and related discussions, Parallel operation,
   Priming, Pump head, Pump performance curves, Pump suction, Shaft sleeve,
   Specific gravity, Speed low, Stuffing box, Suction lift, System resistance curve,
   Thrust, Vapor pressure, Vapor pressure and cavitation, Vibration, Viscosity and
   Wear ring.
Above indicated topics are supported with graphical depiction and animation besides textual description.

Practical - Comprehensive understanding on the subject!


Can be installed in 1 computer and viewed by any number of users. (Windows OS)

Online course access for 60 days. Participant recieves a Certificate of Completion / Merit on Passing the Assessment.
For other license options (recommended for trainers / industries - with customized logo inclusion) like "Standalone" and "Multiple User" please CONTACT us)
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