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Industrial Operation, Maintenance & Technical Skills

  • In-depth coverage on Hydraulic-principles
  • Detailed description of Components and working
  • Build-up of a circuit with two jobs
  • Extensive 2D / 3D Graphics, Models and Animations
  • Skill tests, Certificate printouts.
The Industrial Hydraulic Training Course covers Hydraulic Basics / Principles and Hydraulic Components in Explicit detail. The primary focus on Hydraulic Component and Hydraulic Circuit Animation / Graphics helps in very clearly understanding Hydraulic Operating and Working Principles. The CBT provides detailed knowledge on various components like Hydraulic Pumps, Actuators (Cylinders / Rotary Motors), Directional Valves, Servo Valves, Flow Control (Pressure / Temperature Compensation) Valves, Pressure Control Valves, etc. The Industrial Hydraulic Training Program has a dedicated module that builds up a basic Hydraulic Circuit and gives an in-depth understanding on the relevance and co-ordination of the various Hydraulic Components. Animated Cut-Sections give a Deep Insight into how Hydraulic Components work.

The INDUSTRIAL HYDRAULIC TRAINING course is also available

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1. Hydraulic Basics
1.1. Fundamentals
1.1.1. Pressure and Pascal's law
1.1.2. Hydraulic leverage / mechanical leverage and simple hydraulic press
1.1.3. Hydraulic leverage and energy conservation
1.1.4. Simple hydraulic circuit
1.1.5. Concept of pressure
1.1.6. Relevance of flow in hydraulic circuit
1.2. Effect of Flow on System Pressure
1.2.1. Pressure buildup when flow is blocked
1.2.2. Loss of pressure due to flow (friction)
1.2.3. Fluid properties effecting friction
1.2.4. Laminar and turbulent flow
1.2.5. Flow through restriction
1.2.6. Flow through an orifice
1.2.7. Flow through resistances in series
1.2.8. Flow through resistances in parallel
1.2.9. Flow through varying cross-sections
1.3. Effect of Load on System Pressure
1.4. Factors effecting Pump Suction
1.5. Effect of Leak in Hydraulic Circuits
1.5.1. Circuit without leak
1.5.2. Circuit with leak
1.6. Reversing Actuator Direction
1.7. Flow Control Circuit
1.7.1. Meter-in
1.7.2. Meter-out
2. Hydraulic Components
2.1. Hydraulic Pump
2.1.1. Gear pumps
2.1.2. Lobe pumps
2.1.3. Vane pumps
2.1.4. Radial piston pumps
2.1.5. Axial - in-line - swash plate piston pumps
2.1.6. Axial - bent axis piston pumps
2.2. Hydraulic Actuator
2.2.1. Linear actuators (Cylinders) Single-acting cylinders Ram Telescopic Double-acting cylinders Differential Non-differential (double rod) Telescopic Cylinder – cushioning Cylinder - stop tube
2.2.2. Rotary actuators (Rotary motor) Gear motors Vane motors Axial - in-line - swash plate piston motors Axial - bent axis piston motors
2.3. Direction Control Valves
2.3.1. Check valves Simple (inline) check valve Right angle check valve Restriction check valves Pilot operated check valves
2.3.2. Number of ways (ports) Two-way valves Three-way valves Four-way valves
2.3.3. Number of positions Two-position valve Three-position valve
2.3.4. Methods of actuation Manual actuation Mechanical actuation Electrical actuation Pilot control - Hydraulic / Pneumatic actuation
2.3.5. Types of valve element Poppet valves Rotary valves Spool valves Spool center conditions (three-position valves) Spring offset / Spring centered / No spring Pilot operation
2.4. Servo Valves
2.4.1. Electrohydraulic servo valves Single-stage valves Two-stage pilot-operated valves Jet pipe servo valves Flapper jet servo valves
2.4.2. Mechanical servo valves
2.5. Flow Control Valves
2.5.1. By-pass type pressure compensation valve
2.5.2. Restrictor type pressure compensation valve
2.5.3. Pressure & Temperature compensation valve
2.6. Pressure Control Valves
2.6.1. Relief valves Simple relief valves - poppet type Simple relief valves - piston type Compound relief valves
2.6.2. Sequence valves
2.6.3. Counterbalance valves
2.6.4. Unloading valves
2.6.5. Pressure-reducing valves
2.7. Miscellaneous
2.7.1. Hydraulic piping Pipes Pipe dimensions Pipe threads Pipe fittings Tubes Tube dimensions Flared compression fittings Flareless compression fittings Ferrule compression fitting Sleeve compression fitting O-ring compression fitting Straight thread O-ring connector Flanged fittings Flexible hose
2.7.2. Hydraulic sealing Flange joint seals / gaskets O-ring seals Lathe-cut seals T-ring seals Lip seals Cup seals Piston rings Compression packings Face seals
2.7.3. Accumulators Weight loaded accumulators Spring loaded accumulators Gas charged accumulators
2.7.4. Measuring instruments Pressure gauges Bourdon tube gauge Schrader gauge Flow meters
3. Building a Simple Hydraulic Circuit
3.1. Job to be done
3.2. Simple circuit
3.3. Introduce pressure gauge
3.4. Introduce relief valve
3.5. Introduce direction control valve
3.6. Simple circuit with more than one job to be done
3.6.1. Pressure gauge / Relief valve / Direction control valve /
          Counter balance valve / Non return valve / On-off valve /
          Sequence valve / Back pressure valve / Reducing valve /
          Flow control valve
4.1. Lines / Fluid storage / Methods of operation / Fixed displacement pumps /
        Variable displacement pumps / Pressure control valves / Flow control
        valves / Directional control valves / Proportional valves / Servo valves /
        Check valves / Deceleration valves / Hydraulic motors / Cylinders /
5. Conventional and Interactive Skill Tests with Evaluation
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