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  • Alignment basics, Accessories and Various Methods covered
  • In–depth understanding on Reverse Peripheral Method
  • Latest techniques like Laser Alignment
  • Extensive Graphics, Animations, Skill tests, Certificate printouts.
  • Alignment Tool, 'SlideALine 2004', using Reverse Peripheral Method
The Rotating Equipment (Machine / Shaft / Coupling) Alignment Training Course covers several alignment methods like Straight Edge Alignment, Rim Face Alignment, Reverse Dial Indicator Alignment and Laser Alignment. The primary focus on Alignment Graphic / Alignment Animation in the CBT, helps in very clearly understanding the various Alignment Procedures. The Reverse Dial Indicator (Peripheral) Alignment Procedure, which is also the principle behind the Laser Alignment technique, has been dealt in Explicit detail. The Alignment Training Program has a dedicated tool ‘SlideALine’ to carry out easy and effective alignment of Machine (Coupling Alignment / Shaft Alignment), using the Reverse Dial Indicator Alignment method. A Focused Emphasis on the Geometry of Misalignment using Intricate Animated Explanations gives a Deep Insight into understanding how a Correct Alignment Procedure is to be executed.

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1. Introduction – Rotating Equipment calling for ‘good alignment’
2. Alignment Accessories and related topics
• Different types of ‘Coupling’
• Universal Clamping arrangements
• Dial gauge and Interpretation of ‘Dial Gauge Readings’
3. Alignment history and different Methods used for Alignment
• Straight Edge Alignment Method
• Rim and Face Alignment Method
• Reverse Dial Indicator Alignment Method (Reverse Peripheral) – Introduction
4. Understanding the ‘Geometry of Misalignment’
5. The most practical method: Reverse Peripheral Alignment Method
6. Laser techniques used for Alignment
7. Preconditions to achieve and retain a Good Alignment
• Soft Foot
• Pipe Strain
• Thermal Growth
• Sag of Alignment Clamps
• Dial Gauge Errors
8. Skill Tests with evaluation
9. Alignment tool – SlidALine: Simulated training and Maintenance Tool
SlidALine – Help

The alignment tool ‘SlideALine’ has been developed primarily to carry out easy and effective alignment of Machine / Equipment, Shaft and Coupling, using the popular “Reverse Dial Indicator Alignment method”.
‘SlideALine’ is unique in its ability to suggest accurate corrections as well as Educate / Reaffirm the user with the Alignment Basics.
Besides suggesting corrections towards achieving Good Alignment, the tool also hosts several features like printing Graph sheets to the suitable scale of the relevant dimensions of the Equipment towards carrying out Alignment at site, Graphical support of the positions at which readings are taken, etc.
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