We are primarily a group of Trainers providing Industrial Operator Training (Plant Operator) and Industrial Maintenance Training for Industrial operation and Maintenance personnel, with our services extending over a wide range of industries.

With the increasing awareness of training being a necessity and the advent of e-learning playing a major role, we have committed a team of professionals towards development of Quality Computer based Training material and Online Training (Web based Training) material and Solutions, for Industrial Plant and Maritime / Marine - Operation / Operator / Maintenance personnel, in meeting the current challenges and requirements.

Our hands-on Training experience convinced us of the advantage Multimedia inputs like Graphics and Animations provide in Increasing Interest, Understanding and Retention. To leverage the maximum benefit of this concept for Industrial Personnel, Yes Yen GraphiTech embarked on developing Multimedia Focused Computer Based Training (CBT) and Online Web Based Training (WBT) Software Courses for Industrial Plant and Maritime / Marine Engineering - Operation (Industrial Plant Operator Training), Maintenance, Engineer, Technician and Mechanic - Technical Skills Development.

A wide range of Computer Based Training Courses and Web Based Online Training Courses were painstakingly and meticulously developed for Industrial Operation (Industrial Plant Operator Training) and Maintenance personnel, with primary focus on Multimedia inputs like Graphic and Animation. The Training Courses cover a wide range of Industrial Technical Skills, Engineering Practices and Mechanical Equipment - Operation (Plant Operator) and Maintenance topics, for Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics. The Training methodology was designed to enable both Individual self paced e-learning as well as provide Industrial Trainers with Powerful Training Tools to effectively train Industrial Plant and Maritime / Marine - Operation (Plant Operator) and Maintenance personnel. Yes Yen GraphiTech also offers services for Customized Industrial Technical Training Content development.

Extensive Multimedia inputs in the Computer Based Training and Online Training Courses, like Graphic, Animation & Interactivity helps in Generating Interest, Increasing Understanding and Enhancing Retention.

Several interesting FREE content have been provided in the website to benefit individuals looking for a general understanding on Mechanical Equipment, Working and Perspectives. These include Animated Equipment Classification / Games, 507 Mechanical Movement Animations, Engineering Drawing Animated Learning and look forward to add much more.

The team is headed by an Engineer with over three decades of Industrial experience across various global locations. The team includes Technical content developers, Visualizers, Programmers, Graphic designers and Draftsmen with expertise in Technical content and Graphic software.

Besides our input, the products have also included the knowledge of industrial Operation (Plant Operator) and Maintenance Experts from industries that have availed our services.
This way (using Yes Yen CBTs) we can move forward with upgrading the fundamentals training, and have Yes Yen build more updated modules to replace our current material.
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