A Gear Pump is a rotary type of positive displacement pump. The gear pump working principle involves the rotary action of two gear toothed rotors which
- unmeshes at the suction end thus drawing in liquid
- carries liquid along the gear teeth and
- meshes at discharge end thus forcing the liquid out against discharge line pressure.

Gear pump working principle
Spur tooth External Gear Pump - Working Principle

Gear pumps are primarily of the external gear and internal gear type. External gear pumps use straight spur type gears or helical type gears for their working. A typical representation of an external - spur type gear pump is shown above.

The gear pump working animation video below describes the working principle of the spur type gear pump, which is more common.

In the gear pump, one of the rotors receives drive from an external source and directly transmits the drive to the other rotor. Since the rotors make direct contact they are not preferred for pumping suspended solids. They are widely used for lubrication and hydraulic systems.

Gear Pump Working Animation Video

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