Floating Roof Tank is a type of storage tank used to store petroleum products. The training module covers the Floating Roof Tank Working Principle with detailed Animation. The types of storage tanks used for storing refined Hydro-carbons are the Fixed roof, Floating Roof, Bullet, Spherical and Underground tanks. The Floating Roof Tank is further divided into the Internal and External Floating tanks. Generally the products stored in respective tanks are:

  • Internal Floating Roof Tanks: Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF).
  • External Floating Roof Tanks: Motor Spirit (MS), Naphtha, Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO).

In the Floating Roof Tank Operation the roof adjusts it height depending on the product level thus working towards reducing vapor space above the product and decreasing the possibility of a flammable atmosphere. The floating roof tank animation in the training module covers the working and operation as well as various aspects like different tank types, the advantage of floating roofs, Sealing feature, different components, Safety features, etc. A tank fire scenario depicting the operation of the various safety features is covered.

Floating Roof Tank Working / Operation
Figure above is a snapshot from the Floating Roof Tank Training module
Floating Roof Tank Animation - Demo

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