As described in introduction the Engineering Drawing Tutorial is designed to improve and expand the mental mapping ability between Isometric Views and Orthographic Projections.

A normal Engineering Drawing Procedure procedurally directs the mapping of the respective Orthographic Projection and Isometric Projection. However many students find it difficult to actually map the transition between the views in their mind. This Engineering Drawing Tutorial aims to assist in developing this mental mapping ability.

Engineering Drawing Tutorial
Engineering Drawing Tutorial (snapshot)

Inability to visualize the mapping between the projections in space makes it difficult to properly understand the concept. To overcome this difficulty, the Engineering Drawing Tutorial provides a step by step mapping which gives a very clear visualization of the actual projections in space. The Tutorial sequentially describes the mapping to each quadrant using interactivity and animation that can be replayed at each stage. Thus the tutorial serves in providing a very clear understanding of this important procedure in engineering drawing, towards confidently handling the subject.

The Engineering Drawing Tutorial is sure to expand the mental mapping ability of projections. Click on the active links below, to view the projections of respective models in the Tutorial. In the SAMPLE Engineering Drawing Tutorial version provided below, the active links have a model spin on mouse over.

To gain a detailed understanding, download a FREE tutorial that describes the mapping of all the 50 models listed below, which covers relatively simple to complex configurations.

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